PENTA drop two after disappointing LAN result

PENTA drop two after disappointing LAN result

Post-LAN blues may be kicking in for some, as we are hearing that PENTA have dropped Erik ‘Froster‘ van den Biggelaar and Frantisek ‘A1GA‘ Kotacka.

The PENTA lineup has been one of the most stable rosters in the Battalion 1944 scene, announcing their lineup alongside the release of the game to early access. All that changes today as they announce a roster shuffle, dropping two players in hopes of replacing them in a timely fashion.

For those of you who have followed CoD4 in its heyday will recognise Erik ‘Froster‘ van den Biggelaar for his time in Power Gaming and Team Cooler-Master’s lineups. Generally considered to be a veteran of the scene, it will come to many as a surprise that he is being dropped in this manor. Frantisek ‘A1GA‘ Kotacka was known for his time playing Rainbow 6 Siege under PENTA, meaning his departure is also somewhat surprising.

The reasons for this change is rather obscure, but it could be down to the fact that they had a disappointing 3rd place finish at last months Insomnia 62 event. This is what Erik ‘Froster‘ van den Biggelaar had to say about the situation:

We spoke to the remaining players and were told that they:

“Just need some better fitting pieces.”

The team currently have some players in mind, but are yet to confirm who those players are.

The lineup will continue as:

Dawid ‘pukiz‘ Kuder
Jani ‘synde‘ Koskinen
Ville ‘rePlan‘ Ijäs

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