nieSow rejected from Blitzkrieg Major

nieSow rejected from Blitzkrieg Major

Update: Mere hours after the confirmation by ThePlays that nieSow would not be welcome at the Major, developer Bulkhead Interactive has issued a Game Ban on nieSow’s Steam Account, meaning it’s now impossible for nieSow to make an appearance at any  Bulkhead Interactive supported LAN. The original news can be found below.


Notorious German player nieSow has been rejected from attending the Blitzkrieg Major following cheat allegations.

by Boudewijn Verleg

German Battalion 1944 player nieSow has been formally disinvited from attending the first major of the game following cheating allegations levied against the player. His recent performances in the online qualifier for the major tournament provided enough reason for the admins to decide that nieSow was cheating and should be denied access as a result of it. Despite qualifying for the tournament, nieSow will not be welcome in September, when the major tournament takes place in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

NieSow had been the subject of cheating allegations for several months after the German player had become somewhat of a name to be feared in the Battalion scene. with nieSow regularly posting highly unusual scores against the best players that the game had to offer, despite no one really knowing where he had come from. The community had grown critical of nieSow, not only for his playstyle, but also for his arrogance on the official Discord servers. However, Team Legit, later changed into Project 9 eSports, still had faith in the German and offered him an opportunity to go to the Gallantry LAN in Budapest. That chance however was squandered by nieSow, who cited a new contract with his real life employer as a reason for not being able to attend. That said, community members spotted nieSow playing the game religiously during the time that the tournament was occurring. NieSow then cited illness as a reason for being able to play the game.

ExcitablePancake, head of ThePlays, put out a statement earlier today. In that statement, he announced that a group of admins had reviewed footage of nieSow during the cup, and all had voted in favor of condemning the German player. “Based on evidence gathered, our anti-cheat team have unanimously concluded the player is using banned methods to gain an unfair advantage against their opponents,” he wrote on the The Plays-website.

With nieSow and his team removed from the qualifiers, ThePlays will host a special tournament between all of the teams that were knocked out by the ‘nonames’ team, the winner of which will qualify for the Blitzkrieg Major.

NieSow was not available for comment at the time of publishing.


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