Endpoint replace Beakzy – Report

Another week, another roster change for Endpoint, formerly The Bang.

With numerous placements in as many cups, Endpoint will be looking to take their consistency on the road to the impending Insomnia 62 at the end of this month. Unfortunately, the only thing consistent with their performances are the carousel like lineup changes that have now become all too familiar for the UK team.

News broke earlier today of the removal of UK cohort Joe “Beakzy” Haynes as he took to discord to say:

so after being told after 2 nights of pracc the endpoint team wouldnt get along with me outside the game, im gunna be lft lol hmu

Joe went on to say that the issue seems to have stemmed from the team unbeknownst to himself or the organisation, though sources close to the team claim that his inability to play at given times hinder the team’s performance for future events. Little more is known about the details of the removal but with former team mates on the verge of formation, a possible God Squad v2 could be on the cards.

Reports also indicate that a replacement for Beakzy has already been found in that of Job “iconz” Witte, a former Dutch Call of Duty 2 player with only 12 hours in Battalion at the time of writing. The pace in which this story has unfolded may indicate that a plan was already in place to bring the Dutchman into the fold though it is unknown whether their new addition will accompany them this month for their journey to Birmingham.

The lineup is reported:

   Isaac “j_money” Qureshi
   Sam “sus” Hogan
   Jack “SAINT6” Hatton
   Liam “fanCy” Ebanks
   Job “iconz” Witte

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