Nobody Expects the Spanish IMPERIO

IMPERIO set to reaffirm position after loss of Vortex.

With two teammates spanning a massive 15-year partnership in that of Raúl “RauTe” Blázquez and Miguel Angel “spy” García; IMPERIO, an all Spanish lineup with a name whose roots span across 3 iterations of Call of Duty, find themselves at a loss after losing support player Diego “Vortex” Calderón.

From our understanding, Vortex, not happy to be pressed into a ‘default’/support role for the foreseeable future, took it upon himself to bow out of the lineup in a display of amicable respect.

The current lineup stands:

   Enrique “GaSpiN” Gascón (coach)
  Raúl “RauTe” Blázquez
   Jose Luis “koldamenta” Aranguren
   Miguel Angel “spy” García
   Santiago “Fifty” López

This leaves IMPERIO searching for the perfect fit as they approach this weekend’s Blitzkrieg Battle with only 4 in place. Looking to search beyond their borders with so many talented players that will undoubtedly become available in the coming weeks. What shall the future hold for our Spanish quartet?

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