Endpoint in bed with a Bang

Endpoint in bed with a Bang

After a soirée of rumours and speculation, Endpoint seem to find themselves in a snug position looking to pick up UK side The Bang.

Endpoint, a grassroots org formed in 2016 by Adam “Adz” Jessop celebrated their 1 year anniversary in August 2017. A 12-month stretch that seen the UK organisation compete in the likes of WCA China, ESL Premiership and take home first place at the UK Masters (CSGO). Represented in a number of games including Rocket League, Halo, and of course CSGO, Endpoint are rumoured to join the Battalion 1944 community in welcoming The Bang to their ranks.

The Bang have been a force of consistency in the early days of Battalion with 3 second place finishes and 1 win (in as many Blitzkrieg Battles) since February, putting them in higher esteem than some the game’s more reknown teams. After a number of lineup changes, including the addition of Axel “Uzuma” Maes and Chris “dltr” Van der Schans, and subsequently losing said players due to their desired continuation together (of which, one was not included), The Bang appear to be back on solid terms with the return of Isaac “j_money” Qureshi after previously taking a break to focus on education. Recently brought into the fray for their upcoming journey to Insomnia62, God Squad player Joe “Beakzy” Haynes reforms the roster into a full British outfit, which presumably, is one of the more deciding factors for Endpoint’s interest.

Adam had this to say:

Having a deep rooted personal history in the original Call of Duty titles, the release of Battalion has been incredibly exciting for me. I still reminisce about the Call of Duty PC scene with fond memories, and look forward to seeing this kind of game at esports events once again. As a British organisation, we wanted to support the games esport scene, which has risen from the UK based Bulkhead Interactive. The community interaction and support from the studio has been great and we look forward to the many events that are starting to crop up for this extremely enticing game. It has been extremely difficult to pick a path to go down, as there are a number of ex PC COD professionals embracing Battalion as well as exciting new, raw talent. We feel that the level of dedication and passion the team formally know as ‘The Bang!’ have shown, matches ours completely.

Other names rumoured for pole position in the UK organisation were Aint That Good and Article 51. The latter cutting ties with the idea of representation after making their unavailability for next months LAN event known whilst the prior, featuring a trio of Swedes, would cost sufficiently more to send to Birmingham on such short notice.

The Bang have also faced their (possibly un)fair share of controversy coming in the form of allegations, pulling into question the ability of top fragger j_money after Blitzkrieg Battle #1. In a game dominated by Call of Duty 4 players of yesteryear, accusations of this calibre aren’t unusual toward those of a more recluse nature. Hopefully, we see the swirl of doubt put to bed at the end of this month as the now Endpoint lineup look to place above LAN favourites PENTA in what could be the rivalry of the year. We look forward to seeing them in action at both Insomnia62 and Gallantry Budapest and wish them the best of luck for the future.

The lineup stands:

   Isaac “j_money” Qureshi
   Sam “sus” Hogan
   Jack “SAINT6” Hatton
   Liam “fanCy” Ebanks
   Joe “Beakzy” Haynes






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