Blitzkrieg European Community League

Blitzkrieg European Community League

The Plays have been getting involved with the Battalion community from the very start, offering a platform for all players to come and compete on a weekly basis. After the success from the North American league, they have decided to treat the EU Battalion community with ECL (European Community League).

The first season of the European Community League is scheduled to start May 1st with the grand finals being June 6th.

Registrations are now open and will close April 27th giving enough time for teams to organise their lineups and payments to sign up to compete in the league. Tickets will cost €5 per player, you can find the details for league and how to sign your team up at

The prize pool has also been announced and will be based on the amount of teams that sign up to the league, the prize pool triggers are as follows:

Prize Pool
16 Teams: €250 (175/50/25)
32 Teams: €500 (300/150/50)
64 Teams: €1,250 (600/350/200/50)

ThePlays have also mentioned that any excess money that they receive outside of the prizepool amounts will be put directly into investing back to the community that they are supporting.

Blitzkrieg’s ECL match days will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays, where teams have the opportunity to compete in features matches. Teams will also have the flexibility to schedule outside of the match days, to avoid any other personal commitments that some team players may have outside of the game.

The tournament format will have a best-of-one group stage, which will see team qualify into a double-elimination best-of-one playoff bracket. Following the playoff bracket, the grand finals will be a best-of-five with the upper-bracket winners receiving a one-map advantage.

Registration Opens: April 13th
Registration Closes: April 27th
Group Stage Starts: May 1st
Playoff Stage Starts: May 21st
Grand Final: June 6th

* Depending on registration numbers, the tournament dates may need to be extended for scheduling purposes, teams will be notified in advance should this be the case.

B43 will be covering the games throughout the course of ECL, any update will also be shown on our Twitter @b43dot.




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