Comrade Gaming in for ATG – Aint That Boss

In a whirlwind pickup for org and team alike, ironically self-advertised team ‘AintThatGood’ find themselves tipped to find success under UK organisation Comrade Gaming.

The box of toys (boys) of ATG have been on the winning end of some fantastic online results, previously finishing 2nd in the first season of 6G’s cup series, just short of 1st by only 4 points. With that comes no surprise seeing an organisation swoop in to pick up the team with a nearly unrivalled hold on the podium. The org in question is Comrade Gaming. A two-man operation born in the greatest city in the world (Liverpool). Paul ‘Plumdog’ Siner and Jon ‘Jonaal’ Allcock seem to have found a working formula when it comes to growing their grass roots organisation. Starting from humble beginnings back in 2015, Comrade Gaming have come a long way on their esports journey and now hold formidable representation in Bethesda’s Quake Champions as well as recently signing their former Rocket League team after a solid run at Insomnia62.

We spoke to Paul about Comrade’s recent signing and he had this to say:

We are very happy with the acquisition of AintThatGood as our first step into competitive Battalion. We’ve had our eye on this team for a while now so to finally get the deal over the line has been very exciting and somewhat of a relief for us. Everyone we’ve met in the short-time we’ve been involved with this scene has been very friendly and positive and always willing to give a helping hand. We hope that this can be the start of a long association with the competitive scene of Battalion and can help elevate the game to the heights that it has the potential to be at. We’ll see you all at Budapest!

The now Comrade lineup has gone through a number of  changes since their original formation under the AintThatGood banner. Namely was the addition of Swedish rifler Tim ‘Phaai’ Lormen after Dan ‘rpr’ Ušić took time out of the game to focus on commitments elsewhere. Tipped for greatness by sources close to B43, Phaai has gone on to make a name for both himself and his team as the ATG lineup ripped through online competition. With a trio of Swedes under the facade, questions started to murmur in regards to how well in-game comms would be with ATG’s Svenska/scotch hybrid, but that didn’t seem to deter their continued success.

A blow was later struck with the hampering from an event quite literally undodgeable, with the specific dating of Gallantry’s Budapest TUP comes the wedding of team captain Nathan ‘NATHZN’ Taljaard, most notable for covering vast amounts of motorway at short notice to soften the blow of the now dissolved Imperial’s disappointing i62 run. With his team mates and father in law’s blessing, Nathan has chosen to step down to a management/coaching role for the foreseeable future leaving fellow Scot and patter pal Michael ‘DEEZNN’ Morajda lacking the passion to play the game further. Filling one of the two available roles is Polish CoD2 player Kamil ‘fACILOS’ Marcinkowski who had brief talks with Endpoint before their hiatus just one day ago. With Comrade gaming looking for a permanent fifth to call their own, current Avenue scope Thomas ‘EDimkA’ Pinard seems to be in the hot seat alongside Finland’s Matti ‘niskala’ Niskala which raises more questions than it answers. With the Gallantry Open Cup being their first real test under their new name, we’re sure to see exactly what this new-fledged team of aces can achieve.

Tim had this to say:

After some rocky times in ATG with lineupchanges we’ve now got the opportunity to represent Comrade gaming on our journey to the top. After picking up facilos we’re just looking for the last piece of the puzzle now to complete the lineup. I feel very confident in our team and with the support of Comrade there’s nothing holding us back. As of plans in the future; See you in Budapest!


The lineup stands:

   Tim ‘Phaai’ Lormen
   Eric ‘mofFeRz’ Gleisner
   Samuel ‘Sam’ Nadeau
  Kamil ‘fACILOS’ Marcinkowski

We wish the team the best and good luck to our friend Nathan at the wedding to his beautiful partner. We wish you both a bright future.

Keep up to date by following Comrade Gaming on twitter, graphics by Jonaal.


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