Recruitment Opportunities

Recruitment Opportunities

After a successful Kickstarter and a long exciting run up to early access, today is the day early access is released on PC. In the up coming weeks we will be building a team that will be dedicated in the coverage of the game, to ensure that the Battalion 1944 community have a one-stop website. Somewhere the community can go to for all their esports news, features, and a place they can chill out on the forums to discuss how we can go forward as a community.

If you feel you are able to contribute, please see below and apply. We will try our best to respond to all applications. If we haven’t noted something, but you feel you can help out with, feel free to tell us your expertise via the email link below. The chances are, we are probably going to be seeking someone like you in the future anyway, maybe just not at this moment.

The roles we’re looking for:

News writers:

News articles and esports coverage brings the community together and well connected. We’re looking for creative writers that can express their passion for the game and esports.

– Fluent in the English language
– Attempt to write up at least one article per week
– You will be required to write up a mock article as a trial

Not required, but a bonus if you:
– Have past experience in creating content for another organisation (gaming related or not).
– Are able to attend any events (specifically LANs)


Movie Makers:

This is where we can show our creativity in more than just text, we have the art of cinematography. This is where you can express your editing skills, on our platform for all to see.

– Already have knowledge of video editing software
– Be able to show some of your previous work

Not required, but a bonus if you:
– Have already been a part of an editing team for an organisation

Site Moderators:

We need dedicated members of the community to keep our streets clean of any spam, or rule breakers. This is an important role, to ensure that all our members feel safe within the community, and that the general moral is high at all times.

– Be active a fair amount of the time.
– Friendly and fair, as you are who the people of the community will go to when they need assistance.

Not required, but a bonus if you:
– Have had any moderating experience in the past for any community website.


Potential rewards:
– As the community grows, we will reach out to companies for sponsorships to help us grow as a team and a community. Any and all gained from such will be distributed to the content creators we feel have earned it and made a positive impact to the community, to thank them for their service.
– If you’re a news writer we could provide a reference for any future employment endeavours you may come across. Depending on the type of job you go for this can be quite handy to prove your extra curricular activities, especially if it relates to media and journalism.

Please send applications to:

With the following template: [Role you’re applying for] – Application

Date of Birth:
A little bit about yourself:
What can you bring to the team:
Experience (if any):
If you’re applying for a news writing position, which areas would you be able to attend events in person (if any – please remember this isn’t a requirement for the role):
Any extra information you want to give to support your application:

If you have any questions, feel free to use that email address, or PM me on here.



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