The Irish invade The Imperial

In an unusual twist of fate, the Irish have battled their way onto English shores. This time, of course, being the esports organisation co-founded in 2008 by Oli “Potts” Adams, The Imperial.

Stretching all the way back to the late noughties (in a year the world accepted Basshunter in all his glory), The Imperial, a console org by nature with teams featuring in the likes of Halo and Fifa as well as finding early success in the FPS arena with Team Fortress and Counter-Strike, are taking the Irish under their wing. Not one, but four. Four Irishmen hailing from the Northern borders with one lowly Englishman.

For whom are these Irishmen I hear you bellow, why none other than CoD4 fan favourites, Barry ‘bAAz’ White (Daddy), Stephen ‘Yaffa’ Jefferson, Thomas ‘tam’ Thornton and Nathan ‘Tobin’ Tobin I retort. The latter being a video editor for Misfits, recent One Tap LAN finalist and all round good guy (not to say the others aren’t good guys). All of whom featuring in lineups with FTek, Team Cooler Master, Plus-ONE and Cryptick Gaming.  The Englishman in question, Stevie ‘stat’ Szabo has a past with Infused Gaming and Meet Your Makers. We can hear the chants already…“Imperial on fire, your defence is terrified” as they tear through the group stages after a small boot camp planned prior to the now announced iSeries in which they hope to take by storm. Good things are surely on the horizon as the team find solidarity in moments of chaos and land that pot of gold skins.

Stevie had this to say on their team’s formation:

I’m very happy to be playing with the 4 Northern Ireland men, old and new faces. We have a great mix of personalities that really work well with one and other, we’re continuously aiming to get better, individually and as a team. Really glad to have found the right mix of people to play with. Looking forward to what the future holds for b44 and my team – We’ll be looking to compete where we can, offline and online.

The full lineup is:

   Nathan ‘Tobin’ Tobin
   Barry ‘bAAz’ White
   Stephen ‘Yaffa’ Jefferson
   Thomas ‘tam’ Thornton
   Stevie ‘stat’ Szabo

Disclaimer: Could not find Northern Irish flags.


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