Exclusive Interview with Dustin “dusT” Mouret

Exclusive Interview with Dustin “dusT” Mouret

Today we sit down with esports commentator, analyst, content creator, Dustin “dusT” Mouret who has been nice enough to give us his time to talk about his recent participation as a commentator for the first Blitzkrieg Battle cup, and the future of Battalion 1944.

We’ll go in hard with the first question, this question lets us know who you are more than any other introduction will, also since it’s National Pizza Day… Pineapple on pizza, agree or disagree?
dusT: I like variety as opposed to having the same ole pizza every time. Sometimes I like the classics like a straight up no bullshit pepperoni pizza. Other times I like to jazz it up with some mushrooms and peppers. With that said, occasionally I’ll get myself some pineapple. So yes, pineapple has a place in the world of pizza.

As Battalion 1944 is a new title and people are coming from a wide range of backgrounds, could you introduce yourself as to who you are and what you have done within esports?
 Essentially I have worked in the esports industry for several years as a desk analyst, commentator, writer, interviewer, and content creator. I have particularly worked with the Counter-Strike franchise (CS:GO since 2012 and before that mostly CS:S). Some notable gigs were working as an analyst and writer for Season One of ELEAGUE as well as being a commentator for Season 2 of ECS, and several events for DreamHack, PGL, ESL, Gfinity, MLG etc. I am also currently commentating a college league in America for CS:GO called the AVGL and I may have some other stuff in CS:GO coming up later this year.

You took part as a commentator for ThePlays first ever Blitzkrieg Battle weekly Battalion cup, did you enjoy yourself and how well do you think it went?
 I had a ton of fun! I really enjoy playing and watching the game so commentating it naturally was also a blast. I thought for the game only being in Early Access for two days at that point that everything went pretty well, especially since it was the first ever tournament. We had some hiccups early on and there are certainly some bugs and issues that need to be fixed for Battalion’s spectate mode, but all in all it was good. We have been in constant contact with the devs and giving them feedback on improving spectating features. I think it will only be better going forward as we learn the game, learn how to commentate it better, and get all the tools we need in game to have a solid broadcast.

Who do you feel stood out the most and you would say was the MVP of the tournament?
dusT: Players like j_money, Swalker, and elwzoy come to memory. However in the earlier games duffer and blackmane were pretty insane over on Article 51. Also qlimaxzu and some of the other guys over at computerplayers definitely looked pretty sharp. If I had to pick an MVP I guess it would be elwzoy, nit really the whole Ocelots team looked good.

Do you think you would ever participate in other Battalion 1944 events in the future, perhaps LAN events?
 I will likely continue doing the Blitzkrieg Battles on a regular basis as well as maybe some other online cups. I would like to be on the ground floor of this game. I backed the kickstarter back in May of 2016 and have been pretty closely following the game ever since. I enjoy it a lot and would love to stay involved. As far as LAN events go, that simple depends on if they happen regularly and if events want to hire me. I’d also really love to duo with Vince whom you saw me with at the first Blitzkrieg Battle. So hopefully events would have us both.

Where do you see the Battalion going in the future, do you feel like there will be space within esports for it?
Hard to say if I am being honest. The game is still in its infancy and it is hard to know how big it can get. Certainly there is room but it will all come down to how the game develops going forward and if the community grows and supports it. It also comes down to whether tournament organizers support it with tournaments and events, particularly ones with attractive prize pools. It also will come down to whether organizations want to pick up teams and how the playerbase grows and how talent rises up. There are so many factors involved and it is hard to know where this game can go. There certainly seems to be some interest but I am not sure how much that will hold or grow overtime. I am certainly hoping it can succeed as an esport.

If you could wave a magic wand and change something about Battalion, what would you add, switch up, or remove?
 Well I was getting pretty frustrated with the BAR in the first week of early access but the devs already announced some changes to the BAR and STG so I guess that’s that haha. Other than that I hope to see Manor v2 get some changes. Also I am curious how the Wartide economy system will be changing as Joe Brammer has already mentioned they are revamping it.

With esports growing and Battalion being a new title aiming to get it’s slice within esports, it will attract many already established personalities like yourself but also new people wanting to get involved in things like shoutcasting, event organisation, analysing. What would be your advice to someone wanting to start out in esports:
dust: You have to be willing to work hard and put in a ton of time. You also need to be passionate about the scene and enjoy whatever role you are playing. You also have to be prepared for hard times. Success isn’t guaranteed so always have other options to fall back on. Also network, talk to people, volunteer, go to events if you can and meet with folks. You have to put yourself out there. Also don’t be an asshole. Burning bridges is usually never a good idea but at the same time don’t be a doormat. To be honest I haven’t even totally figured it out as far as succeeding in this space goes but those are a few words of advice I guess.

With your experience watching the Counter Strike scene develop, what do you think developers would have to do to retain its audience?
I think constantly looking to update the game and make improvements is huge. I think also having a dev team that is transparent and honest with their community is a huge plus. Supporting grassroots efforts and investing in tournaments is another big piece on the esports side of things. It seems as though so far Bulkhead are making strides in all of those areas as well as being open to feedback.

What was it that inspired you transition from a gamer to doing things like commentating, event coverage, broadcasting, and doing analysis’ for various organisations?
dusT: I feel like people are often advised to follow their passion, to find something that truly makes them happy and fulfilled. For me working in esports is that passion I was searching for. In particular, I have enjoyed the broadcasting side of things. I love studying the game and presenting analysis to the community.

Fun question, who would win an arm wrestle, Counter Strike’s paszaBiceps or Call of Duty’s Duffer?
dusT: I am pretty sure this is similar to dividing by zero. Shit would implode. Both guys are jacked and have that killer instinct in game. I feel like they’d just hold each other out for eternity.

Thanks for your time Dustin, do you have any shoutouts that you’d like to give?
Well first off thanks for the interview! I’d like to just give a shoutout to my partner in crime Vince for good times commentating CS:GO and now Battalion 1944. Also a shout out to all those all in the community supporting our work and supporting Battalion 1944. Hopefully this is just the beginning of something great!


Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to answer our questions (even the silly ones), we hope to see you involved in more Battalion related events and to speak with you again.

Be sure to check us and Dust out on Twitter @followdusT and @b43dot.

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