An interview with Project9’s EDimkA

We took the chance to talk to Thomas “EDimkA” Pinard from Project9 esports ahead of his first LAN with his new team.

Hello Thomas, this interview is long overdue, it’s good to have you. First let’s go way back when to i62 where you placed 2nd with Avenue.  How did it feel to be back at LAN and on the big stage, has it relit your fire so to speak?

Going back to a LAN was amazing, before the event it was already a couple of years without any offline competition or anything for me so yes as I said it felt super great. Reaching the final and being able to compete on the stage is always a good feeling, everyone is pumped up, watching you… it really is an amazing feeling! Things didn’t turn our way but that’s the way it is like in any sport so gg to everyone and special thanks to my old partners Jasko, Mark, Christian, Louis and Olivier!

Images courtesy of Bring Your Talent Photography.

After you departed the Avenue line up of i62 we saw you go through a few different teams before you finally ended up on P9. Can you enlighten us on what happened there and what made you choose P9 in the end?

After i62 we had a month break with  AVENUE due to personals reasons and we wanted to see how the game would evolve before playing it again. After a month, we felt like everyone should try something on their own, so we parted ways and I went with Entropy. We were looking for an org and because I had good contact with Olivier from AVENUE (the CO-CEO) I talked with them and we agreed on joining for Budapest. By the same time, I had an offer from 1UP and I already knew Erik (FrosteR) from the i62 and Kevin (reflexzr) because I was mixing with them from time to time at the beginning of Battalion. I had a tough choice, I took a decision, but things didn’t really go as intended (lol) since 1UP split up after 2 weeks I joined. Two days after 1UP split I had an offer from P9 because of niesoW not being able to attend LAN, I knew MASTERMIND a little bit already, so I joined them! Talking about it, I want to thank P9 & my mates Cappy, ONERED, KIDD, MASTERMIND for giving me the opportunity to join them and being able to attend to the Budapest LAN!

You have been with P9 for a short while now, how has the team advanced and what role(s) are you playing?

Well, team atmosphere is good, when you know what people want and like to play with you it makes things easier when you join a team! We’ve been practising of course like any team attending a LAN so yes things are going on their way so far! Before the update I was a sniper, but due to the MU2 update, the meta has changed on this side so even if I wanted to be sniper most of the time it is hard to get the 7 needed tokens to get it when I want it… every round lol. We don’t have defined roles in the team it’s more about what you can pick or do for the team on the round itself!

With Gallantry coming up soon, you must be excited. How do you think MU2 will fare in such a competitive environment?

I am super excited about it! The persons in charge of this event, they are doing a great job so far so a big thanks to them! About MU2 it’s been a very great update on 99% aspects of the game, of course, it needs some tweaks but it’s definitely huge improvements on gameplay side & also for the spectators. Smokes are a good example, usually, after you got killed in front of the smoke the first reaction would be “There is a smoke…” but if you ask your opponent there was no smoke for him. Now it’s different smokes are properly covering the intended area in a way that it allows people to finally do decent tactics!

With 18 teams in attendance including a lot of the top teams. Gallantry is going to be a tough event to win, no matter who you are. How do you feel coming into the event?

Indeed, it is going to be a tough event! I’d say that we don’t fear any team, but we also don’t underestimate anyone either! I can’t wait to see the people I couldn’t meet yet and to see the people I know again, it is going to be a great time for everyone I am pretty sure! Hungary looks awesome, the event looks good, all the teams are here to compete against each other so yes, we couldn’t have asked for a better event!

Awesome, thanks for the interview, good luck at Gallantry and beyond. Have you got any last words you would like to end on?

Well thank you Fonix, it’s been a pleasure answering, I would like to thank my teammates and P9 for the offer, everyone supporting us and I’m really looking forward to meet everyone at the event, it’s going to be amazing!

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