‘Aint That Good’ turn out to be quite alright

Entering the server with ‘Aint That Good’ (ATG), you could be fooled into thinking you may have won the game before its even started. 12 rounds in and you could be onto the quick realisation that you’ve made a mistake.

With their first cup under their belt, tipping the now NYYRIKKI side to a 2-0 win in Fast Frag’s Shellshock Sunday. ATG find themselves in quite an elevated mood and rightly so. A team with more firing force than you could shake a deep-fried stick at in that of Scotland’s Nathan “NATHZ” Taljaard and Michael “DEEZNN” Morajda both of which played key roles in teams such as YoYoTech, Team UK, Team Cooler Master and Infused just to name a few. Reinforcing the side is Sweden’s Eric “mofFeRz” Gleisner and Samuel “Sam” Nadeau of Druidz and Team Sweden, with the final addition of B43’s favourite Croat Dan “rpr Ušić, whom of which was let go by Team Demise little over a week ago who fell short of a final place in Sunday’s cup.

Nathan had this to say on his teams new found form.

Since the day the trailer and gameplay footage was released I knew it would be a game that would rekindle the desire to play competitive FPS again! Thank you Bulkhead.

Early on, Michael(DEEZNN) and I always had the aspirations to make our own team. Thankfully Dan(rpr), Eric(mofFeRz) and Samuel(Sam) all had the same idea so it was a no-brainer to come together and start playing competitive matches. Over the past week, we’ve gone strength to strength, with teamwork and play manoeuvres becoming stronger. We’re looking forward to the lan announcments. See you there!

Asking Dan on how he felt after the recent saga at Demise he went on to add.

I feel freer to play in a style that resonates more comfortably with me within this lineup, the communication and dedication the rest of my team bring is only outdone by the fun we have whilst playing.

You can find ATG’s final from Sunday night here.

The lineup stands:

   Nathan ‘NATHZN’ Taljaard
   Michael ‘DEEZNN’ Morajda
   Dan ‘rpr’ Ušić
   Eric ‘mofFeRz’ Gleisner
   Samuel ‘Sam’ Nadeau

As the ‘King of Soul’ Sam Cooke once sang: Ain’t that good news? Man ain’t that news? Baby’s comin’ home tomorrow. We at B43 agree.



    • DOZE

      February 12, 2018

      Great mix conisting of two epic scottish men, the legend of Nadeau and the one and only Dan ‘Raper’ USIC. And try not to get banned at this game m0fferz,


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