1on1 with bluEz

1on1 with bluEz

Recently I got to chat with Kenneth “bluEz” Ross from Team Demise before his first LAN in Battalion 1944.

Hey Kenneth, good to have you. Let’s start by talking about Major Update 2. What do you think about the changes, and are there any additional changes you would like to see?

Thanks for having me, for me personally MU2 as it is in this state, with Bulkhead still adjusting stuff here and there feels really good. STG/Bar changes feel great, really fits my playstyle and my team’s playstyle. Not sure how I feel about the economy system yet, but we’ll see at LAN, that’s what it’s all about and that’s what matters the most to us, FeelsGoodMan that the Thompson is 3 coins though, since I’m an SMG’er. The best part of MU2 for me thus far was the performance/fps upgrade, since I don’t have a very good computer and I used to struggle a lot on MU1 on for instance close quarters battles or stuff like that because I could barely reach 100fps.

bluEz at E-Series Maximus in 2011

How have you guys as a team adapted to MU2?

To be quite fair we haven’t played that much scrims on MU2, since we had limited time available to us since stRove is on a holiday. Maps changing is a big plus in my opinion, we’re trying to find our way around and work out personal preferences/duo preferences on certain maps. Economy wise all we tried to focus on were the starting rounds but like I said, we had limited time available, so we’ll trust on our shot caller to do his best. (no pressure Tom!)

Alright, now onto Demise. You guys formed your roster at the start of Battalion and have not changed it since. Is this a synergy you feel gives you an advantage over the competition and if so, what has been the key factor for your longivity?

N1ELSK, dynz & me have played together for a really long time already, they’re the people I feel most comfortable around, who have great personalities and even though we have our fair share of clashes or misunderstandings I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be playing on a certain level if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re always honest and loyal towards each other. We transitioned from CoD4 to B44 together with stRove, who we’ve all played with for a while as well, but for the latter parts of cod4 played on a different team. In that team stRove used to play with samuelg, who joined us as our fifth to lock down the roster.

But that’s not what you asked haha. I doubt it gives us an advantage over our competition however I strongly disagree with all roster shuffles/swaps who always find place a bit before/after LAN. All I can say is that the base for a good team foundation is trust, and with trust comes loyalty. If you don’t have either of those I highly doubt you’re going to be a good teammate or very trustworthy. There’s nothing more annoying to have people do stuff behind your back or lie to you, and believe me I’ve been in these situations before, that’s why I think that if I couldn’t’ve played together with my team right now, and especially N1ELSK and dynz, I wouldn’t’ve played B44 and probably quit gaming all along.

bluEz and co. winning The Party 12 Finals against Granted

You recently won ThePlays Community League, as a team you must have a lot of confidence going into Gallantry. What are your general feelings coming into the event?

Yes, we did, we had the pleasure to play with rEb1rth and soulzz for the final match, we couldn’t’ve wished for better mercs and are forever grateful. As for the confidence, I can’t really speak for the rest of my team too much but for myself; I try to be as down to earth as possible, try not to overthink LANs too much since that’s what screwed me over in the beginning of my LAN “career”, feeling the need to perform isn’t what does it for me, as long as I’m confident in my team and I’ve grinded the game for the last few weeks before LAN I usually think we’ll fine, as long as we get out of the group stage I’m happy haha! There’s also a lot of tough competition, the ”top” teams right now constantly play each other, in which they find out your opponent’s habits and general playstyle, this happens for us but also happens to us, so the games can constantly go either direction, which is what makes it real fun in my opinion, we’ve struggled against teams which we’re playing very close against right now. Also, coming back to the confidence part, I think people have been underestimating us a bit too much in the beginning, which is fine since I’m okay with being the underdog team, no pressure etcetera but you shouldn’t stay too long in the mindset of winning the first B44 league or win a few matches here and there. Like I said before, our goal is of course to win the Gallantry LAN, if that isn’t your goal than I suggest you just stay at home OR don’t be upset by certain matches or outcomes, not looking at the mix teams/beer teams that is of course

Many are going to consider you one of favourites to take the event. What other teams attending do you think will be a serious force to be reckoned with?

The top teams on my list as of right now are; Defusekids, Method, CRG, Penta, Project 9 & AVENUE, in a random order that is.

Great! Thanks a lot for the interview, some good in-depth answers. Best of luck in Budapest

The pleasure is all mine, thanks for having me. Continue reading if you like shameful social media plugs: @bluEzfps & @teamdemise_


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