Blitzkrieg Open Championship @ Insomnia62

Blitzkrieg Open Championship @ Insomnia62

Bulkhead Interactive have announced the first official Battalion 1944 LAN event as part of the UK Masters at Insomnia62. The event will run from 30th March – 2nd April (Easter Weekend).

The Blitzkrieg Open Championship will be ran by The Plays admin crew which is sponsored and supported by Belong by GAME.

The Grand Final will be held on the player stage on Sunday 1st April which will be available to view by all the attendees. The prize pool has been set at £10,000 with the money given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. The prize is broken up as such:

1st place: £5000
2nd place: £2500
3rd place: £1750
4th place: £750

In addition to the prize money, the first place winners will also receive a custom gold weapon that is trade-able and “one of a kind”. These skins are claimed to be individually customised to feature event information, as well as the individual player name engraved on it.

Both The Plays and the UK Masters Battalion Twitch channel will be streaming multiple games throughout the tournament leading up to the finals.

Bulkhead Interactive have stated that they’re already aware of the current bugs and issues with Battalion 1944, and the development team are working hard at ironing things out before the event. They also mentioned that the event is externally hosted and will not take away any development time at all, they’re also working hard on their major Q1 update which should be coming within the next few weeks and before the LAN.

The only way to be eligible to compete will be to purchase a ticket at




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