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Extra Stability Updates & Team Balancing

Hey everyone! We’re seeing more and more players able to get into games, but of course it’s still important for us to acknowledge that this is not the case for all players. This is why we’ve been working overtime to get fixes ready for you all. Late

PSA: Client Update Issues Explained!

Our programmers have been working insanely hard to get the server issues solved. We identified the issues we spoke about in our last update and we’ve been working on a fix! I wanted to speak to you all directly and apologize for the launch issues. Pleas

PSA: Addressing Current Server Issues

ADDRESSING ISSUES WITH INFLUX OF PLAYERS Battalion 1944 launched at 17:00 GMT and players were instantly put into games. Across that hour, Battalion has seen tens of thousands of players launch the game at once. During our beta we had over 4,000 concurren

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