After thinking long and hard about the future of Battalion 1944, we feel it is important to take a step in the right direction and try to come up with a “community standard” for one of the biggest issues in competitive gaming and a current scourge within the walls of our game. Cheating (in all shapes and sizes). With a clear rule set of what is ban-able, and how long for, we hope that there is no misunderstanding on what you are and aren’t allowed to do when it comes to playing the game on a competitive platform, therefore introducing a Battalion 1944 Ban Policy.

Leagues and tournaments outside of our platform can use our system, rules, and ban list. If any event organiser does choose to use any of our system (rules, structure, or ban list), you are free to use them as you wish, we only ask that you credit us for our continuous hard work.

B43 BAN Policy

When we talk about our bans and platforms, they involve any of the following: the website, any LAN or online events and tournaments that we organise ourselves, and any other organised events that we provide admin staff for – unless stated otherwise.

Attempting to sneak a banned player into any online and offline event will get the player(s) that was banned, an extended sentence by automatically moving onto the next stage of their punishment, and get the rest of the team flagged for “playing with a known cheater” if we can prove that the team mates knew about the identity and status of the banned person(s) – see below for duration.

If you have received a rightful ban the only thing you can do is sit it out, going to another LAN organiser’s event and winning it, has zero effect on your ban. A ban list showing all the players who are currently banned will be released soon and it is our intention to make this list available to the public and event organisers to see.

The following offences are considered ban-able with immediate effect starting from Battalion 1944’s Early Access release date 01-Feb-2018:

You were caught cheating and received a ban by EAC or any other approved anti-cheat software (see below for approved anti-cheat systems):

First Offence Second Offence Final
1-year Platform-wide ban 2 year Platform-wide ban Permanent Platform-wide ban

The ban starts on the date that the ban was issued even if we link the ban to a player at a later stage.

You were caught on demo by the B43 demo crew:

First Offence Second Offence Final
6 month Platform-wide ban 1 Year Platform-wide ban Permanent Platform-wide ban

The ban starts on the date that the demo was recorded at (i.e. if a cup was run 26th October and you played it that date, you would be banned starting on that date, regardless of when the verdict was made).

You were caught using custom skins, skies, removing textures (such as grass, smoke etc for better visibility):

First Offence Second Offence Third Offence Final
3 Month Online ban 6 Month Online ban 1 Year Online ban Permanent Online ban

You were caught editing any protected game files:

First Offence Second Offence Third Offence Final
3 Month Online ban 6 Month Online ban 1 Year Online ban Permanent Online ban

You were caught playing with a known cheater:

First Offence Second Offence Third Offence Forth Offence Final
2 Week Online ban 1 Month Online ban 6 Month Online ban 1 Year Online ban Permanent  ban

You were caught cheating at LAN:
Permanent platform-wide ban.

You stole or purposely damaged someone else’s property at LAN:
Permanent LAN ban.

You return while you were banned (RWB):
You automatically move onto the next stage of the banning phase in your banning category. RWB does you no favours, so if you were caught it’s in your best interest to wait it out (or not break the rules, to begin with).

If you have been found to have a ban showing on your Steam profile (or proven alternate account) which has been issued after the Early Access launch of Battalion 1944, we require that you prove that the ban is not related to Battalion 1944, otherwise you will be punished like a cheater (starting off with a one year ban). You will automatically be banned and added to the list until you have disputed it with the email address given at the bottom. We can explain to you how you can show which specific game the Steam ban is relating to, and then get you taken off our ban-list once proven that it has nothing to do with Battalion 1944.

Abuse of features currently not known to our anti-cheat team are considered ban-able by retroactive effect.

A public ban list will be put on the website shortly for all to see, we hope that this Community & Events Battalion 1944 Ban Policy system becomes the community standard for the entire game so that we can help expose and deter any cheaters from participating in our, and other events.


Q: I was wrongly banned, can I appeal against this?
A: Of course, please send your appeal to

Q: Who decides who is banned?
A: Most of the bans in our database we predict will originate from the approved anti-cheat software that came with the game (EAC), therefore we feel it is a reasonable source. Any other bans may come from a league demo crew, which will review demos and a give a verdict from a majority of the anti-cheat team. If a third party have decided to ban a user because of their demo, we will use our own anti-cheat crew to access the footage ourselves and then make a verdict whether or not it is enough evidence to add them to our ban list. Banning someone should never be taken lightly, so when we choose to ban someone for a demo, they would need to do something significantly obvious for us to ban them, as it would be incredibly unfair to ban someone on suspicion, or pure luck/good game sense.

Q: Can we get the B43 Admin Staff to help us with our events?
A: If we have the time available to help out we’re more than happy to, if we don’t we’ll be more than happy to give you advice on what our structure is and how to run it yourselves. Please send us your details and any questions you have to and we will get back to you ASAP!

Q: Is your Community & Events Battalion 1944 Ban Policy officially related to Bulkhead, Battalion 1944, or Easy Anti-Cheat.
A: No, we are entirely community ran.

Current approved anti-cheat software: Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC).


Policy last updated: 18-Feb-2018

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